Ivory Dating App Review: How does the Ivory App Work?

Ivory dating app is a mobile app meant only for the exclusively rich, elite and over-achieving candidates in society. Studies show that more than half of all relationships end because of incompatible goals and needs between partners. Accomplishing something that sets you up and above from the rest is challenging, but it is even more cumbersome to find someone who is equally successful as you to share your life with.

Our society has been driven by the system of meritocracy all along. It is our primary desire to be paired with someone who can help us retain our exclusive status instead of risking it. Success, fame, and money work as guiding factors when people are searching for their soul mates. The ivory app runs on statistics which compare your social status with others and allow you to decide with whom you can be more socially compatible.

Ivory dating app for elites in Singapore
Ivory App – Singapore’s First Invite-Only Dating App for the Ambitious

How was the idea behind Ivory conceptualized?

Ivory dating app was founded by two Anglo-Chinese school boys and a Caucasian partner. The founders have decided to stay anonymous for now, but they invested $52000 from their own pockets to develop their own version of an elite dating app. The ivory app takes its name from the famous idiom “ivory tower” which refers to exclusivity, success and high status. One of the founders even claimed that this app is meant to be a solution for the birth rate problem in Singapore.

The name might call for some controversy, but the founders insist that they are just being upfront and honest in terms of their intentions. Social stratifications are always the big drive in our current economy, and traditional methods of arranging marriages are also focused on pairing top performing individuals with partners who are equally ambitious and successful.

What do you have to do to enlist?

The Ivory dating app is about 60% completed, but the founders are sure that it will go live as a fully functional dating platform this December. Now interested users can add their names to the waitlist by providing their identity details. You can visit the site, where you can write your name and provide information about your profession, alma mater and facebook profile. Once the site is completely functional, you can have access to different user options.

Why is Ivory dating app bound to succeed?

In today’s world, success is a necessity. Whether you start up your own enterprise or work in a prestigious company for someone else, you need to make sure that you can build a good reputation. In such a competitive market, it is tough to balance work and relationship properly, unless your partner prefers the same work culture as you. The main tagline of Ivory reads, “Today’s ambitious…tomorrow’s power couples.”

So far, Ivory dating app is claimed to be free. This is a much better deal than using other ‘professional’ matchmaking services which will demand a hefty fee for their work.

Since this dating app is meant for elite singles, there will be more crowd quality control. Every profile will be checked thoroughly to see that the individuals fulfill the necessary criteria. This means that you will always end up with a good list of preferable candidates to choose from.

This app will be less risky to use as you can expect to meet highly educated, well- mannered, successful individuals who provide and expect nothing but the best themselves.

What can other features enhance user experience?

Ivory dating app claims to have the perfect 1:1 male and female ratio. This basically means that every individual has a high chance of finding the partner of their dreams. This is one of the reasons why the Ivory app is one of the highest anticipated mobile dating apps in Asia.

Since this dating app caters to successful singles in Singapore, you can expect to have your dates set up in private yacht getaways, VVIP clubs and events, private parties and even red carpet premiers!

With the Ivory app being so easily accessible, people with a bright future will be in complete control while they decide whom they wish to marry. Ivory dating app has truly made it easier for people to feel more secure and optimistic while looking for compatible partners so that they can share their stories of success with each other.

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